Celebrate Recovery - Abuse

Survivors of abuse often...
  • Hesitate to identify themselves as victims of abuse
  • Feel isolated, depressed, worthless, shameful and helpless to change
  • Struggle with negative feelings about God
  • Condemn themselves as responsible for the abuse
  • Deny that being abused in the past somehow affects present circumstances
  • Lack of self-control; defeated in areas of compulsive behaviors
  • Feel angry and/or bitter
  • Have trouble with authority figures
  • Have difficulty trusting others or place unwarranted trust in unsafe individuals
  • Lack self-worth
  • Are preoccupied with thoughts of what it means to have a "normal" relationship with others: friends, family, and the opposite sex
  • Lack a healthy sexual identity
  • Act in sexually inappropriate ways
  • Question their self-identity - "Who am I?"
  • Question whether life has a purpose or is worth living
  • Feel "at home" in crisis situations
  • Struggle with perfectionism or "all or nothing" thinking
  • Desire or fantasize about a better life
We have experienced some form of abuse, which has damaged our emotions and identity in ways that continue to affect us. We have developed incorrect ideas about life and destructive ways of dealing with the pain. This is harmful to us emotionally and physically, and damages our relationships with others. We need healing from the traumas done to us. We also need healing from the influence these experiences continue to have in our present lives.

There is a solution

By actually working the Christ-centered 12 Steps and 8 Recovery Principles with Jesus Christ as our Higher Power, we can and will change. We experience the true peace and serenity we have been seeking when we admit we are powerless to heal ourselves from the effects of abuse and give our lives and our wills over to the care of God. It is only when we become dependent on God for our happiness, believing that His plan for us includes victory over the abuse, that we stop living and reliving the past and experience complete and lasting emotional healing.

Here we learn a new way of living. We recognize that the persons who abused us are responsible for their abusive acts and we reject the guilt and shame resulting from those acts. We look to God and His Word to find our identity and standards for living. We honestly share our feelings with God and others to help us identify those areas that need cleansing and healing. We accept responsibility for our responses to the abuse. We rely on God as we go through the process of forgiving ourselves and our perpetrators. This enables us to establish and fully participate in healthy relationships and share this life changing message with others.
Those of us who have experienced life change through this program encourage you to keep coming back. It works, by God's power, if you allow it.