Prayer & Fasting Guides

Easter Prayer Emphasis

Pray for the coming series, "Easter, 40 Days to Changed Living." Pray that people would respond to the challenges to live God-pleasing lives.

Pray that people would be inviting their friends, family, and neighbors to this life-changing series, and to Easter weekend services.

Daily Prayer Guide

Sunday: BCF financial needs
Monday: BCF people to discover and develop their place of service. Ministry leaders
Tuesday: BCF people to form deep, sustaining relationships, and small group leaders.
Wednesday: Those in authority (community, state and national leaders), High School Ministry
Thursday: The lost and BCF missionaries
Friday: Weekend services (including Celebrate Recovery)
Saturday: Pastor Kenny and Staff
Daily: Immediate and extended family

Fasting Guide

Pray, asking God if, and when, you should embark on a fast. Caution: if you are on medication or have medical conditions, consult your doctor before fasting.

The purpose of fasting is to focus your thinking on God and away from the pleasures of the body. Bill Bright encourages those fasting to seek God's face, rather than his hand (Seek to know Him, rather than make a sacrifice to gain his favor in hopes of getting things on our lists of requests.) Somethings you can do during a day of fasting is to spend the time you would have spent eating, in prayer instead, as well as praying every time you are hungry.

No physical preparation is necessary for fasting one meal or one day, but longer fasts require purposeful physical and spirtual preparation.
Click here to view or download a very helpful introduction and guidelines for longer fasts.

Prayer walk guide

(it doesn't have to be Easter to do this!) If you see people on your walk, talk with them. Carry invitation cards with you and take the opportunity to invite them to church this Easter. Invite your friends!